The ultimate solution to quit smoking in your hands

Why is Numo so special?

Easy to use

In the opinion of both users and experts, we have developed an intuitive tool that guarantees simplicity and usability.


Screens have been designed carefully, providing a nice user experience that guarantees adherence to the program and the success of our method.

Customized plan

Numo offers a personalized progressive cessation plan (based on the previous consumption registered by user) for making withdrawal symptoms almost negligible.

Available for iOS and Android

You can find Numo in both iOS and Android stores

Features that make Numo the best app for quit smoking

Challenges and rewards

Numo uses a method based on challenges and rewards that will motivate you to reach your goal while having fun. You'll realize that your effort is worthwhile.


It is based on the best and most recent scientific evidence and has been developed in close collaboration with healthcare professionals, which guarantees that the program works.

Share your achievements

You can make your family and friends accompany you on your path to a tobacco-free life. Share your achievements and ask for help when you need it the most.

Panic button

When you feel you're going to relapse, press this button and Numo will offer you several resources (games, tips, contact with relatives and / or friends, etc.) to help you to overcome the situation successfully.


We offer you a monitoring system, tips and motivational messages that will make you feel accompanied throughout the process.

Quality and Safety

Numo has got the AppSaludable certificate, the only quality and safety certification for health apps in Spain and one of the few in Europe. You can trust us!!









Screenshots from Numo

Phases in Numo

(The Beginning)

Duration: 5 minutes

Sign up

Edit your profile, introduce your data and upload a picture if you want

Find out about the way you will follow to quit smoking

Fill in the questionnaires (it is essential)

Accept the challenge that will change your life for the better

Phase 1
(The Road)

Duration: 1 week

Phase of smoking registration

With a single click you can save the cigarettes and satisfaction after smoking

Check out your smoking pattern through intuitive graphs

You can register forgotten cigarettes

Essential to find out your progressive detoxification plan

Phase 2
(The Arcade)

Duration: variable

Phase for progressive smoking reduction

Follow the personalized plan that Numo offers you

With a single click you can save your consumed cigarrettes

You can register forgotten cigarettes

You will rich abstinence without withdrawal symptons

Phase 3
(The Samurai)

Duration: 6 months

Dishabituation phase

You will learn how to live without tobacco

Read our solutions to the common problems in this phase

Use our sleep and relaxation techniques

Do not forget the panic button when you think you're going to relapse

“Numo has been carefully designed both in the graphic art and content side. It has been a professional challenge for me and I hope many people can benefit from.”

Diego Olmo Cejudo

iOS Developer

“The development of Numo has been a great professional and personal challenge. Long meetings, many hours of planning and developing have made Numo bigger than we imagined at first. I hope it will help many people to change their lives to a healthier one.”

Manuel Zamorano Martínez

Full Stack Developer

“The development of Numo has required many hours of work, effort and consultations to develop a product of which, as a health professional with experience in treatment of addictions, I felt really satisfied. I hope it works up to the expectations of smokers who want to quit smoking and help them achieve a healthier life.”

Guillermo Molina Recio

Graphic Design and Scientific Content

Our team

Guillermo Molina Recio

Graphic Design and Scientific content

Diego Olmo Cejudo

iOS Developer

Manuel Zamorano Martínez

Full Stack Developer